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How Life Has Changed, Post-Military

It hasn't been a year yet, but I can honestly say that my life is better. The biggest nuisance is healthcare copays and balances. When he was 'in' healthcare was completely free. There weren't any copays, for ANYTHING, let alone balances for office or ER visits. Prescriptions were free, x-rays, vaccines, you name it. Now I'm receiving annoying little shits of paper in the mail every week. Not feeling it. I used to be able to shop at the commissary whenever I wanted at deep discount prices (even cheaper than Walmart, people). No more of that either! Those are the two things that I miss THE most. Although the Army healthcare system is flawed - mostly slow, and they overbook, I kinda miss the chaos. Kinda. Since my husband still works for the Army, we still have installation access, but for me, it is pretty much pointless because I am not permitted to use any of the facilities with my pass. I no longer have a military ID, but he does.

If I had to choose between staying out or allowing him to re-enlist again, I'd say stay out. Life has been treating us extremely well since he got out. I cannot say the same for so many others we know who transitioned out of the Army back into the civilian world. You'd be surprised...a lot of service members think their service alone will get them any job they want once they get out. Not always the case. I'm proud of CJ for listening to me, lol. He was about to take a job at Time Warner Cable ya'll! Nooooope. I told him to be patient for a few more weeks and after some pushback he did. We literally went home to Ohio for 2 weeks to visit with my grandpa and while there, he received several job offers by phone and email. I told him he was better than TWC!! I am so thankful that he trusted me because our lives are so much better now! I was able to expand my business and we are able to travel more, which is something we've always wanted to do. The military always held us back on so many levels. We are truly free to do as we please. Things that were out of reach before aren't so far away anymore.

The biggest difference I've noticed within our marriage is less arguing. We used to go at it every week, sometimes over the dumbest stuff. The military can rip families apart if you let it. He would come home so stressed out some days and couldn't tell me what happened because of their stupid rules. So, I was constantly on the outside trying to figure out what was going on in his head. Now I don't think we've argued at all. I'm sure that living separately helps, somewhat, however even when he's home things are exactly the same - non-confrontational, no disagreements. So, I have no complaints in regards to how our relationship has changed, it has drastically improved.

We are happier than we've ever been, even happier than when we first got married 10 years ago. If you ask him, he'll agree with me. I hope...

...he better.


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