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Licensing & Usage

Please Respect My Work & Property (Studio & Props). Thank you!


Photography Release Form Information, 

How to License Photographs, Proper Usage, & 

Properly Give Credit on Social Media

Photographs or artworks cannot be used for profit without my consent or knowledge. Both photographs & artworks are protected by copyrights and can be traced online if reposted or altered without my consent. Please respect my work. Ownership is reserved for the artist & clients' who have purchased works from me ONLY. No copying, resizing, cropping, filtering, recreating, advertising, using AI in any way, or removing watermarks/signatures. I do not provide RAW files to clients; editing is required in order to label an image 'a finished product' - post photo shoot editing is included in the total purchase price. Only edited images will be delivered via family galleries. Please stop asking for RAW/unedited image files. I will never provide RAW files. Your investment includes editing, if I provided unedited files anyone could alter my copyrighted work, which becomes a legal issue for the sharer and editor. Thanks. If you are unhappy with an edited image revisions can be made. Photographs can be used in editorials without penalty. If you would like to license an image, please send an email with "Licensing" in the subject field to Licensing a photograph enables you to post wherever you choose. (i.e. social media, websites, blogs, printing, etc.), however you may not resell for any reason. Licensing subscriptions: You can either pay monthly, or annually for up to 24 images/per month. Each image is sold individually so you can also pay a one-time fee for one image. Licensing options are now on my Marketing and Shop page. If you have questions about usage or how to license images you can send an email or message me via Facebook. No spam please. Thank you. 


I own ALL photographs I take with my cameras. I have the freedom to alter and/or share my images to socials and my website. If you are opposed to having your photographs posted in certain places, please say so ahead of time, otherwise after the photographs are taken they can be used as long as they aren't sold (names are never attached with images in ads, etc.) Also, if you would like to resell my images to a corporation for advertising or modeling purposes, please email a formal request to do so and submit payment following approval. You are permitted to use purchased headshots on modeling comp cards as well as any other method of print. Free photography session images have watermarks (cannot be removed). PAID photography session images are watermark-free. You may request a free set with watermarks for social media usage. You may print what you've purchased for personal use only. You may not however resell any of my work for any reason. If I see any of my work in unauthorized places or have unauthorized modifications litigation will be pursued.


Important Notice: If your child damages or destroys any of my props, you, the parent, are responsible for the cost of damage repair and/or total item replacement. 





Using my work for profitable gains, social advancement, false advertising, or false representation is prohibited. © 2004-2024

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