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I am a natural light newborn & lifestyle photographer, lifelong athlete & self-taught versatile multi-medium artist. I invented Micro™ Photography Sessions. Born October 11th, in Akron, OH, and raised in Riviera Beach & West Palm Beach, FL. I taught myself how to draw at age three - I wrote my name after seeing it on the refrigerator. I attended a performing arts school. I've sold a few dozen pieces. My first sale was in 6th grade - to a local business in Akron; then I sold another piece to the Akron Children's Hospital before I left for my husband's first PCS to Colorado. I sold several pencil drawn portraits in college. I didn't sell my first charcoal portrait until adulthood, but when I did, I sold it to Grammy-Nominated, 19-year-old Harvard graduate, producer and artist, Ryan Leslie. That portrait was actually the very first I completed using charcoal. I started taking photographs in 2011, but didn't start offering professional services until 2016. 

I worked for The University of Akron's ZipsVision sports production staff and while working there I gained experience from FOX TV and ESPN; I also interned at NewsChannel 13, KKTV 11 News, and Sky Sox Baseball (minor league team) in Colorado Springs, CO. At the news stations, and working in sports I was writing & producing news, creating & editing video using AVID, recording & editing plays in sports, writing & producing radio commercials, arranging music, and going into the field as a reporter; all while attending college and working a part-time job. Graduated Phi Theta Kappa with a degree in Telecom. I shot my first wedding, which was also my first LGBT photography session in July 2017.

My photographs have been published by LIVESTRONG, Comet, Eventbrite, LinkedIn, Healthline, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Southern California Reproductive Center, and Telemundo just to name a few. I have also produced ad content on social media for big corps Intel, Kay Jewelers, Dick's Sporting Goods, Crocs, Coca Cola, Petco, and Sony Pictures.

When I'm not using a tripod or timer to take photographs of myself, with or without others, my husband captures gorgeous photos. 

I studied Web Design & Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I left the Sports Marketing & Media program at the extremely sought-after, college for media professionals, Full Sail University, for various reasons. I still gained 2.5 years of social media marketing experience. Downtime consists of reading entrepreneurial articles or books, walking my dogs, making changes to my website, exploring, and donating my time and funds to various causes - the homeless, animal shelters, various charities like UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), and coaching t-ball. I've coached four consecutive seasons so far. Lastly, I aspire to write a book one day, when I find time.

If you have questions about my work, licensing, or social media sharing Please refer to my Licensing & Usage page for information regarding photograph & prop usage, editing, copyright restrictions, and/or allowances. For consultations please send me an email or message via Business Suite (Facebook)

My first business journal feature:

Pictured: Myself, Charlin Janene, 20 weeks pregnant with my son, holding my 14-month-old daughter.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

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