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Retainers, Other Fees, Additional Images, etc

Editing Turnaround Timeframes

** Preview Images are available and shared before gallery delivery.


Mini Sessions (5-7 images):  Up to 2 weeks

Full-Hour+ Sessions (8-30 images):  Up to 4 weeks

Weddings, Destination Sessions & Events (50+ images): Up to 6 weeks




If a reshoot is requested, depending on the reason, it is either free or must be paid for. If the client was not clear about what was desired, if different than most of my portfolio (style of session) upfront and then asks for a refund or reshoot the session is an additional cost, up to the total of the first session. If I, the photographer, did nothing wrong, and delivered images + performed the service (photo shoot), a refund will not be granted and a reshoot is only offered if I offer to do one due to my mistake(s) or distaste. Please make sure that what you are looking for is clearly stated at booking. I do not grant refunds because you change your mind about the 'look' of the images days after giving positive feedback and after the shoot has been completed. I always ask clients if they have pose, backdrop, and/or prop ideas during sessions. If you do not bring up suggestions or wants during the session, even after being asked, I will not refund or book a reshoot for a session you approved at the time of booking and/or during the session. If I start editing images and I personally don't like how they turned out due to lighting or otherwise, I offer free reshoots automatically. Additionally, if a reshoot has been scheduled, the same amount of images will not be available when a client changes their mind after a session is complete. The original session includes your package amount of images or more, as a courtesy. Please do not expect or request double sessions and double the amount of editing, retouching, and finished edits without paying a second sitting fee. Updated January 16, 2024.


Retainers & Pricing (in further detail)

Retainers are required for each session at booking. All sessions $200+ can be split into smaller payments, but packages less than $200 must be paid in full. The retainer for packages over $200 varies depending on the total price, including tax, but the amount is half of the total. Example: If your package is $400, the retainer is $200 (or you can pay in full, the retainer is still $200). If the session is less than $200, the 'paid in full' amount also acts as your retainer. Retainers are non-refundable. If you would like a refund for any reason the retainer will not be returned to you, only the rest of the amount paid. *Package prices are non-negotiable unless a package has been tailored specifically for you.  Promo codes or offers towards other packages cannot be used for non-participating promo packages.


Facebook Appointment Requests

Appointment requests are only approved after a payment has been made. Only paid time slots are secured on my schedule. Clients can pay for packages in-full on this website or smaller payments can be made (depending on your package total) using this link: Please make sure that your payment has been made before submitting an appointment request in order to get it approved. Unpaid requests will be denied approximately one hour after being submitted. 


Copyright Infringement

Removal of watermarks from free session image files is prohibited. Adding filters, emojis, cropping, or changing the resolution, etc. of the image files is prohibited. No changes can be made to my image files whether a package is paid for or not. Image files cannot be altered in any way - it is a negative & false representation of myself and my business. 


Regional Price Changes 

All Outdoor/Indoor Sessions in surrounding counties of the Fayetteville/Fort Liberty (formerly Bragg) area i.e. Moore & Harnett have their additional fees for travel WAIVED starting May 30, 2021. 



Teeth whitening, facial bruising, eye bag or line removal, skin texture adjustments, minor scar & scratch/cut removal, and minor background spot removal or correction are additional services. Minor retouching of any of the items listed start at $25. Major unnatural retouching such as background replacement or removal, removing or adding a person or people, or enhancing facial features (including skin lightening) are not offered services & cannot be outsourced for someone else to alter my work. 


Gallery Expiration Policy

If a gallery sits more than 24 hours without selections being made the gallery will expire and archive. You will be charged an additional $15 + tax reactivation fee to remove the images from archive in order to make selections past 24hrs.*No checks or eChecks permitted. Also, images that have been selected will only be available to download for one week. If the photographs have not been downloaded by then you will be charged $25+tax to have the entire album added to my Dropbox account again for download. 


Gallery Selections & Downloads

Galleries are created using Dropbox, galleries expire after one week, so please make selections within 24 hours by commenting under each desired image. If selections are not downloaded before the one week deadline ends the gallery will be deleted and cost $25 + tax to have image access added a second time. If images are not selected within 24hrs there is a $15+tax charge. A print release is attached to each gallery. The print release allows printing in-store. You can print anywhere online without it. Once selections have been made in Dropbox albums and the watermarked images have been removed and replaced with the watermark-free image I cannot upload all images again - you've had time to download those images and therefore cannot download any additional images beyond your package amount without paying extra for them. If you have any issues with making your image selections within 24hrs please let me know. I will not send an invoice if you have an emergency or other important matter preventing you from looking at the album. Invoices for $15 or $25 are not automatically sent over, they are done manually according to clients' situations. Do not assume that you will be charged right away after an album archives - it won't happen. *Dropbox album instructions are now sent separately from the Dropbox access email with the 'go to folder' button. Instructions were sent with Dropbox albums originally, but they weren't being read, so that feature is no longer available. Please read & confirm you understand the directions, then your access will be granted. If you still have additional questions after confirmation you have not read the instructions. Only confirm if you've actually read & understand them. Thank you. 


*** Please read the gallery instructions thoroughly, they are sent to you before your Dropbox access is emailed. *** 


Self Service Bookings

Self Service Bookings: Add the desired package to your cart & pay. After payment has been made head over to my Facebook page to request a date/time, if you've paid the request will be approved. If you are unable to complete checkout please use Thanks. 



Using my work for profitable gains, social advancement, false advertising, or false representation is prohibited. © 2004-2024




**I do not accept checks of any kind. I accept Square,, Venmo, direct website sales, cash, and Cash App payments.**


Deposits, Retainers, & Fees

Eligible waived fees are reserved for extreme cases & military uncertainty. If you believe your situation falls under these categories please let me know. Questions or concerns? Send to Thank you!



Two Dollars for Every Minute Late to Session

Includes ALL Package Offers

Please add the proper amount of minutes (Qty) to your shopping cart. Thank you. 

Late fees can be waived



Per Session

24-48 Hours Prior ONLY

**If you do not give 24-48 HR notice the $30 fee is owed.**

Sorry to see you go! :(  

Please message me to reschedule: 24-48 HR Rescheduling is FREE. 



Half of the Total Session Price 

*EXCLUDES Holiday Photography Packages, and if you need to reschedule you can.

If a refund is issued for a fully paid session, only half will be returned. 

You can pay half or the entire amount in order to book

Retainer due dates: The first payment is due on the day you book, and the second or final payment is due the day before your scheduled session. 

If a remaining balance payment is not paid the day before your session an additional $20 late fee is added to the balance. 


Individual Images Sold Separately

If you are interested in purchasing images but not within a package here's where you do it. Regular price for each image is $15 outside of packages. However, if there is a promotion or a special offer it'll be honored at the time of purchase as a custom order. Thanks!


Additional Package Images 

If you are interested in purchasing additional images within your package you can do so here. Each image is $10. Thank you!


If you schedule a photography session appointment (retainer paid or not) and do not show up within 10-mins after your scheduled session, without communication, you will be charged a non-refundable no-show fee. All minutes late to sessions are $1/per minute. I also have the right to refuse future bookings. Thanks.


No-Show Fee

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